Step 1: General Information

Please provide your input to the review and update of the Safeguard Policies that the World Bank is undertaking. Your input will help shape a draft integrated policy framework that will promote environmentally and socially sustainable development as a global public good in the years to come. It is anticipated that the proposal will be discussed by the Committee on Development Effectiveness of the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors in mid-2013. Please see the overall consultation plan for more information about the two-year review process and its accompanying consultations.

The policies under review are the eight environmental and social safeguard policies – OP 4.01 Environmental Assessment, OP 4.04 Natural Habitats, OP 4.09 Pest Management, OP 4.10 Indigenous Peoples, OP 4.11 Physical Cultural Resources, OP 4.12 Involuntary Resettlement, OP 4.36 Forests, OP 4.37 Safety of Dams – as well as the Policy on Piloting the Use of Borrower Systems for Environmental and Social Safeguards (“Use of Country Systems”), OP 4.00.

As part of the review process the Bank will also consider if and how it could potentially address a number of emerging areas that stakeholders have asked us to consider. These are human rights; labor and occupational health and safety; gender; disability; the free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous Peoples; land tenure and natural resources; and climate change.

The questions below are based on the Approach Paper available on the consultation webpage at They are intended to help frame and organize your input and feedback. Additional views or comments can be given in the space provided. Please send the completed form to Your feedback will not be attributed without your consent. Other questions or concerns can be addressed to the Safeguard Team at:

We look forward to your participation in this process and the insight you will bring as we move forward with the update and review.