You have our sincere gratitude for your time and expertise.

This survey is an early step in the Flinn Foundation's efforts to understand the workforce- and talent-related challenges and assets that are impacting the region's bioscience  sector, including hospitals. Your participation will help us profile the talent pipeline on which we all rely and begin to build actionable strategies that will optimize the emerging supply of quality talent.
We hope that a senior-level human resources professional or executive within your organization will complete this survey as it focuses on the strategies, models, and practices associated with identifying, recruiting, hiring, and developing talent in your organization.
You will be asked about obstacles you encounter when hiring and developing talent, keys to your organization's success, and your awareness of industry-education partnerships that are impacting the talent development ecosystem. If you represent a business intermediary organization like a chamber of commerce or an industry association, please answer from the perspectives you hear from your members.

Likewise, if you’re from the public sector, including elected officials and representatives of public entities, please respond based on what you regularly hear on these issues from bioscience organizations and hospitals in your constituency.

If your organization is engaged in activities that indirectly empower the bioscience and hospital sector (e.g., law firms, venture capital, foundations), you should respond based on what you hear from clients and colleagues.

The analysis will use filters and crosstab methodologies to compare the perspectives of direct employers and those in a supporting role.

Educational entities like universities and community colleges are being surveyed separately.

Both surveys will remain open until September 8.

Again, our sincere thanks for your effort. We are continually amazed by the expertise and passion of our region's bioscience and hospital ecosystem.