* 1. Approximately, how many Steer Dinners have you attended in the 38 year history of the event?

* 2. How was your overall experience at Steer Dinner?

* 3. How was your overall "check in" experience at the event? (getting your bid number/program book)

* 4. What type of Live and Silent auction items do you want to bid on at Steer Dinner? (Please rank in order of important: 1 being most favored.)

* 5. How was the overall quality of the food?

* 6. Were the student and adult volunteers helpful and friendly?

* 7. How was your overall "check out" experience? (paying for auction items, SOLD commitments, etc)

* 8. If in the future, Steer Dinner was to change locations, which part of the city would deter you from attending?

* 9. How was your overall parking experience?

* 10. How can we improve the Steer Dinner experience?

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