Welcome to the first part of this collaborative study

You are invited to contribute to innovative research on the characteristics of work and the challenges and opportunities facing women composers. We propose three phases, each happening quite quickly. If everything goes to plan, we will have some results for you within 6 months!

We ask you to commit to completing three surveys. The second and third of these will be informed by what you tell us in the first, so it is important to commit to all three. Once the surveys are complete we may invite you to have a coffee with us or to chat over the phone, so that we can be sure to represent you appropriately. This will be entirely up to you!

We would like to thank you for your interest in our work, which is committed to developing a strong future for the arts.

The Women and Composition Team:
Dawn Bennett (Curtin University), Sally Mcarthur (Western Sydney University) and Cat Hope (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts)