City of Fort Pierce 2017-2018 Community Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us improve the quality of life within the City of Fort Pierce!

* 1. I am a:

* 2. I am a:

* 3. Name of My Neighborhood:

* 4. Neighborhood Where My Business is Located (if applicable):

* 5. Non-Profit Service Provider - Please indicate key services your agency provides and your targeted clients.

Help Us Prioritize Our Projects!

The City of Fort Pierce has limited funding available to address housing and community development needs. Please help us prioritize our spending for the next five years.

First, rank the following overall community needs, with 1 being the Highest Priority and 7 being the Lowest Priority.

* 6. Community Need

Next, rank the needs in your neighborhood that could be helped with public funds. Remember, we have limited funding.  Check "High" for High Priority or "Low" for Low Priority.

* 7. Housing

  High Priority Low Priority
Affordable Ownership Housing (condos, townhomes, single-family)
Emergency Assistance (emergency home repairs)
Homeownership Assistance (down payment, closing cost)
Major Home Improvements (structural, electrical, plumbing)
Exterior Home Improvements (roof, A/C, windows, doors, etc.)
Minor Exterior Home Improvements (paint, door locks, landscaping, etc.)
Lead Hazard Screenings

* 8. Community Services

  High Priority Low Priority
Pre-School Child Care
After School Care and Tutoring Services
Arts and Cultural Activities for Youth
Crime Awareness/Prevention (Neighborhood Watch)
Fair Housing Services (Discrimination Complaints)
Employment Training
Employment Opportunities
Health Services (Physical and Mental Illness)
Services for the Disabled & Seniors (Meals on Wheels, Independent Living, Job Training)
Youth Counseling and Mentoring Services
Substance Abuse Treatment
Youth Services / Recreation Activities
Child Abuse / Domestic Violence Prevention, Counseling and Outreach Services
Community Garden

* 9. Economic Development

  High Priority Low Priority
Small Business Capacity and Sustainability Assistance
Job Training and Placement Services
Job Fairs / Employment Opportunities
Cultural Heritage, Arts Programs & Projects Within Neighborhood
Tourism Promotion / Development
New Business Development
Commercial / Industrial Development Projects

* 10. Homeless Services

  High Priority Low Priority
Counseling, Case Management and Referral Services
Services for Homeless Mothers and Children
Homeless Facilities (overnight and day resource centers)
Employment Training
Life Skills Training
Mental Health Services
Substance Abuse Treatment and Supportive Services
Domestic Violence Shelters
Transitional to Permanent Housing

* 11. Public Improvements

  High Priority Low Priority
Sidewalks (paving, widening)
Streets (re-paving, curbs, gutters, etc.)
Streetlights, Traffic Signals
Code Enforcement Services
Water / Sewer
Neighborhood Cleanups
Preservation/Rehabilitation of Historic Properties

* 12. Community Facilities

  High Priority Low Priority
Neighborhood Community Centers
Health Facilities
Parks and Recreational Facilities
Arts and Cultural Heritage Activity Centers
Centers for Seniors & Disabled
Youth Centers
Child Care Centers
Small Business Resource Centers

* 13. Non Homeless - Special Needs

  High Priority Low Priority
Offender Re-Entry Services
Adult Day Care
Senior Citizen & Disability Services
Benefit Referral Services

* 14. Neighborhood Improvements

  High Priority Low Priority
Increased Access to Healthy Food
Improved Police Relations
Increased Police Presence / Crime Watch
Commercial Building Facade Improvements
Arts and Cultural Projects and Activities
Landscaping, Signage
Improved Street Lighting
Neighborhood Cleanup and Beautification
New Local Retail Stores
Demolition of Derelict Buildings
Neighborhood Code Enforcement
Historic Building Preservation/Rehab
Thank You for taking time to complete this survey!

Please return this survey by JULY 15, 2017 to:
Grants Administration Division
City of Fort Pierce
100 N. U.S. Hwy. 1
Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Fax: 772-466-5808
Or, drop it in the box marked "Completed Surveys" at the Fort Pierce City Hall Information Desk - 1st Floor, Fort Pierce City Hall, 100 N. U.S. Hwy. 1

This survey can be completed online:
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Please call 772-467-3169 for more information.

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