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All Night Long Sex-- Slower, Longer, Stronger
Slower, Longer, Stronger Sex
Sex Tonight! Slow It Down, Turn Up the Intensity
Sex Tonight! 10 Moves to Make It Major
Crazy-Passionate Sex: The Kind that Makes You Smile Every Time You Think About It
Best. Sex. Ever. The Secrets to Crazy Passion
Whoo-hoo! Amazing Sex Moves To Go All Night Long
Feel-good Fashion! 348 Ideas to Break Out of a Style Rut, Easy Work & Weekend Looks, Tons Under $50!
348 Fresh Ideas! Amazing Work & Weekend Looks, Your Hair Questions Answered, Tons under $100! $50! $10!
Live it up! 348 Hot Looks for Right Now, Fun Ideas to Break Out of a Beauty Rut, Amazing Buys Under $100! $50! $10!
So Fresh & Fun! 348 Ideas to Wake Up Your Wardrobe, Your Most-Tweeted Hair Questions—Answered, Style Under $100! Beauty Under $10!
Get Naturally Gorgeous—Easy Hair, Glowy Skin, Beauty Secret Weapons
Unleash Your Creativity--Be A Rock Star at Work
The Too-Young Curse: Is Your Age Holding You Back at Work?
The Too-Young Curse: How to Make Your Age An Asset at Work
Sex At the Office: When It All Blows Up
The Sex Diet: The Best Way Ever To Cut Carbs!
The Sex Diet: The New Way To Curb Your Carb Cravings
Can the Pill Make Your Prettier?
So You're Having a 20-Something Crisis—How to Get Through It
In a 20-Something Panic? 5 Ways to Keep Calm and Carry on
Welcome to Your 20-Something Crisis—We’ve Got You
Freaked Out by the Future? How to Deal with 20-Something Panic
“I’m marrying my gay best friend!”
BFFS: What You’re NOT Saying Could Be Hurting Your Friendship
4 years of college + Student loans = A debt hangover
The REAL Debt Crisis: Your Student Loans