Dear Community Member,

The Board of St. Andrew's Christian School is in the process of reviewing the School's Strategic Plan. This plan is vitally important as it helps ensure that the school remains faithfully focused on the fulfilment of its Vision and Mission as well as on meeting the needs and expectations of our school and wider community into the future.

We would like to hear from the wider community around the School as well as the local church community on what you think about the school and what we can do to further improve what we are doing. Hence, your feedback through this anonymous survey is an essential and welcome part of our planning process.

At the same time as conducting this survey, we will also be surveying the parents, staff and students of the School. If you are a current parent, student or staff member at the school, please do not complete this wider community survey

The Survey includes both quantitative (tick a box) questions and qualitative ones where you may like to provide comments to clarify some of your earlier responses.

A great deal of valuable information can be gathered from your answers here so please be open and honest in your responses. If you have no comments to make on a particular question then you have the option to leave it blank.

The survey should only take up to ten (10) minutes to complete (though this may depend on how long your comments are!)

The survey is being conducted by an independent firm, Resolve Consulting Group, who will collate, analyse and summarise the results for reporting back to the School. Completed surveys will only be viewed by Resolve Consulting Group.

The survey closes at 11:45pm, 17 March 2021.

Thank you for assisting us with planning for the future of St. Andrew's Christian School.

Yours sincerely,

Jeoffrey R Falls 
Board Chair, The Board of Presbyterian Christian Schools

Janelle Rowe
Principal, St. Andrew's Christian School

Question Title

* I have lived in the local area for:

Question Title

* Name of Church regularly attended (if applicable):

Question Title

* Frequency of Church attendance (if applicable):

Question Title

* In relation to school age children (select all that apply)

Question Title

* I have had children previously enrolled at St. Andrew's Christian School

Question Title

* Family Name (Optional)

Question Title

* When you are considering a school for your child or in thinking about the choice of a school for your child (in the past, current or future). Issues that you would consider and their importance include:

  Not a factor at all at any time Not Important Important Very Important The ultimate deciding factor
The overall reputation of the school
The academic reputation of the school
The behaviour/discipline reputation of the school
The uniform of the school
The vision of the school
The alignment of school values with my own
The overall ethos of the school
The cost of the school fees
Marketing of the school
Convenience of the school - ie. location, transport, etc
Whether the school is a private or public school
The reputation of teachers and other staff
The appeal of the School - gardens, design, playgrounds
The reputation/opinions passed on to me from current parents/carers at the School
The Christian values and teaching of the School
The specialist subjects offered to students at the School
I wouldn't want my child in a Public School
The feeling that the School will want to work with parents when a problem arises
The School progresses from Prep to Year 12
Access to After-School Activities at the School
The extra-curricular activities offered by the School

Question Title

* If not listed above, other factors that are important for you in selecting a school:

Question Title

* If you had children that did attend St Andrew's Christian School and they left the school prior to completion of their schooling, what were the main reasons for concluding their enrolment at the school?

Question Title

* While living in the area, if you had school age children and chose not to send them to St Andrew's Christian School, what were the main reasons you did not send them to the school?

Question Title

* Rate your awareness of the school and its activities

  Detailed Awareness Somewhat Aware A little Awareness Not Aware
My knowledge of the school's existence
My knowledge of the school's location
My knowledge of staff at the school
My knowledge of families at the school
My knowledge of the school's vision and mission (it's purpose)
My knowledge of the school's academic program
My knowledge of the school's sports program
My knowledge of the school's involvement in community events