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* 1. Does the program suit you and your child's needs?

* 2. Does your child participate at the homework table and has it been helpful?

* 3. Are staff helpful to you?

* 4. Is the Site Director/ Lead Teacher at the school site responsive to you and your child's needs?

* 5. Has your child participate in an educational course (i.e. Rembrants, Robotics, Science of Cooking)?

* 6. Does the program keep you informed about program schedules, activities and decisions through posted notices, sign up sheets and verbal communication?

* 7. This past year we have move most of our communication to an electronical version. Has this been more
helpful in receiving important information?

* 8. Does the program's health and wellness initiative provide enough fresh fruits/vegetables and physical activity time for your child?

* 9. Are you satisfied with the assistance of the Dublin latchkey office administration staff?

* 10. Elementary building your child attends?

* 11. Other comments you would like to share about the program?