* 1. Are you answering this survey today as a:

* 2. Before the 15th Street Bikeway was implemented, how often did you travel the 15th Street Corridor (15th Street from Cleveland Place to Larimer Street)?

* 3. How many times per week do you travel the 15th Street Corridor now, following the implementation of the 15th Street Bikeway?

* 4. Travel along 15th Street between Cleveland and Larimer has improved since the installation of the 15th Street Bikeway.

* 5. Rate the following features of the 15th Street bikeway on their ease of use based on your method of travel (car, foot, bicycle).

  Easy to Use Hard to use Unsure how to use this feature Don’t know
Mixing zones (where cars mix with bikes to make left turns)
Bike Box at 15th and Cleveland
Turn Queue Boxes (for bicyclists making right-hand turns)
Bike Signals at 15th and Lawrence
Buffered Lane along the corridor