City Services Survey

The City asks you to take a quick survey to share your opinions about prioritizing City services. We need to hear from you because the City faces funding challenges and soon will make important decisions. 
Over the past ten years, the State has taken millions of dollars in locally-controlled funding from McFarland to fix its own budgets, which hurts our local ability to provide critical public safety and quality of life services such as fixing and repairing our local streets and roads.

 Our priority is to continue to provide our residents with the excellent services you need and deserve.

The City is engaging the community further about how we can address our deteriorating roads and quality of life service needs.

Please let us know what City services are important to you, by filling out the survey today.


* 1. Would you like to increase the number of police officers engaged in gang suppression and crime prevention?

* 2. Would you like to maintain 911 emergency medical response times?

* 3. Would you like to staff fire stations with the appropriate number of firefighters?

* 4. Do our streets and roads need repair?

* 5. Do you believe we need more community parks?

* 6. Are there any other services and priorities that are important to you?

* 7. Would you like to stay informed? Please provide us with your contact information.