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The NH Railroad Revitalization Association desires your input regarding passenger trains to initially operate between points in southern New Hampshire and the Boston metropolitan area. Please do not take the survey more than once in any given month. Thank you for completing the survey.

* 1. If choices were available, then would you use a bus, train, or your vehicle to go between home and work?

  Bus Train Your vehicle
Depends on schedule
Depends on cost

* 2. Would you use rail passenger service if provided between southern NH and MA rather than driving?

* 3. Would you support re-establishing passenger rail service to Boston using the existing but unused Manchester/Lawrence corridor as an alternative to driving I-93?

* 4. Where do you live?

* 5. Where do you work?

* 6. Would you support an increase in your property tax to fund passenger and freight rail initiatives and operations?

* 7. Would you support other forms of tax revenue to support rail initiatives and operations?

* 8. Other than fare and tax revenues for supporting rail, what suggestions do you have to offer for raising funds for rail initiatives and operations?

* 9. Have you ever ridden the Downeaster, Vermonter, or other Amtrak train in New England and what was your experience on what train? Please indicate by picking the appropriate choices.

  Downeaster Vermonter Other Amtrak
Just alright
Somewhat disappointing
Very disappointing

* 10. Have you ever ridden on the MBTA commuter rail and what was your experience?