Saltaire Citizens Association (SCA) Survey

* 1. Are you currently a member of the SCA?

* 2. Are you aware of the SCA’s financial contribution to these Saltaire community projects and groups?

* 3. Have you, or a family member, used the SCA courtesy cart within the last two seasons?

* 4. How do you learn about SCA events?

* 5. Please pick up to five of the SCA sponsored events that are most important to you and your family:

* 6. The Mike Barry Trio has played at the Bay Front Picnic for over 26 years. We are considering changing the band this year. What is your opinion?

* 7. Would you like to participate as a vendor, or to provide a short set of live music at the Broadway Artisan Fair? (Saturday August 5th)

* 8. Would you like to work with the SCA on community sponsored events, or consider becoming a board member?

* 9. What other community needs would you like the SCA to focus on?

* 10. Please provide any additional feedback

* 11. Are you a:

* 12. Age range

* 13. How many years have you been a member of SCA?

* 14. Optional: Name

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