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* 1. Please enter your student id number.

* 2. Please indicate your sex.

* 3. What is your current academic status? (Mark one)

* 4. Is English your native language?

* 5. Please indicate the highest degree you plan to complete eventually at any institution.

* 6. Since entering high school, indicate how often you: (Mark one for each item)

  Never Occasionally Frequently
Talked with a teacher outside of class about academics
Asked a teacher for information related to a class I was taking
Talked with a teacher through casual encounter on campus
Discussed Scholar Baller activities
Had negative experiences with coach because of my race/ethnicity
Had negative experiences with coach because of my high academic performance
Met with a teacher in his or her office
Discussed career plans with a teacher
Discussed personal issues with a teacher
Asked a teacher for a letter of recommendation
Had positive experiences with teachers because I am an athlete
Had negative experiences with teachers because I am an athlete
Had negative experiences with teachers because of my race/ethnicity
Had negative experiences with teachers because of my high academic performance

* 7. Please indicate the oval that best describes your high school grade average? (Mark one)

* 8. During the past year, how much time did you spend during a typical week doing the following: (Mark one for each item)

  0 >1 1-2 3-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 20+
Socializing with friends
Talking with teachers outside of class
Playing sports
Working (for pay)
Watching TV
Participating in Scholar Baller activities
Reading for pleasure
Playing video/computer games
Seeking academic tutoring
Working (volunteer)
Listening to music

* 9. Compared with when you first started high school, how would you describe the following since being introduced to Scholar Baller: (Mark one for each item)

  Stronger No Change Weaker
Your self-understanding
Your drive to achieve (academic)
Your decision-making
Your overall high school experience
Your self-confidence (intellectual)
Your self-confidence (social)

* 10. Please mark your probable career/occupation below:(Mark one)

* 11. Please indicate your ethnic background. (Mark all that apply)

* 12. Please rate your satisfaction with this high school on each of the aspects of campus life listed below. (Mark one for each item)

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied
Amount of contact with teachers
Relevance of coursework to everyday life
Relevance of coursework to future career plans
Overall high school experience
Scholar Baller activities
Amount of contact with nonathletes on campus
Amount of support networks on campus
Racial/ethnic composition of students on campus
Academic advising

* 13. Rate yourself on each of the following traits as compared with the average person your age. We want the most accurate estimate of how you see yourself (Mark one in each row)

  Below Average Average Above Average Highest 10%
Academic ability
Leadership ability
Self-confidence (intellectual)
Self-confidence (social)
Athletic ability
Drive to achieve (academic)
Drive to achieve (athletic)
Time Management

* 14. Please indicate your agreement with each of the following statements. (Mark one for each item). The Scholar Baller activities helped me:

  Agree Strongly Agree Somewhat Disagree Somewhat Disagree Strongly
To develop a stronger sense of self
To understand the importance of decision-making
To balance the roles of being a student and athlete
To drop out of school
To communicate with teachers
To understand the connection between education, sport, and entertainment
To prepare for life after sports
To further dislike my academic pursuit
To understand the importance of setting attainable goals
To develop a positive sense of self
To think critically about my life
To understand the important of giving back to the community
To use my energy and passion for athletics in educational settings
To use my energy and passion for music in educational settings

* 15. Rate your identity as a student and/or athlete. (Mark one number on the scale; 1 being mostly student, 10 being mostly athlete)

* 16. Would you still attend classes even if you were not required to do so and could still participate in athletics?