Farm Survey

This survey is being done with help from CT Department of Agriculture by the Regional Agriculture Council. The Agriculture Council is part of the Lower CT River Valley Council of Governments and has members from each of the 17 towns in Middlesex County, Lyme and Old Lyme.  We chose you because you are an active farm in the region.  The information that we gather from these 10 questions will be used to help develop the Regional Plan of Conservation and Development and to direct the Regional Agriculture Council to the best ways to help local farmers.  This information will only be used for statistical uses.  Your personal information will not be available for anyone’s use.

* 1. What town/towns do you farm in?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. How many years of farming experience do you have?

* 4. How many acres do you have in active production?

* 5. Do you own or lease the land you farm?

* 6. How many acres of farmable land do you own?

* 7. What percent of your farmable land is in active production?

* 8. What are the three top sources of income on your farm? (ie. major crops, CSA, agritourism)

* 9. How important is it that your land remain as farm land after your retire?

* 10. Have you protected your farmland from development by donating or selling off the development rights on the land to a land trust or other similar organization?

* 11. What are the biggest challenges that you face?

* 12. How do you currently sell your goods?

* 13. What item or events would be beneficial to you? (Check all that apply)

We thank you for your partnership in helping us build this Regional Agriculture Data Base. This report is about helping you be a more viable farm in the region.

* 14. Would you like a copy of the Agriculture section of the Regional Plan of Conservation and Development when it is completed?

* 15. Would you be willing to help us with another survey in the future?

Thanks again for your help and happy holiday!!

Regional Agriculture Council

Regional Agriculture Council Towns and Representatives

Chester – Bev Tarpill                         East Hampton - Open                             Middletown – Gabriel Russo

Clinton- Richard Martin                 Essex – Open                                             Old Lyme – Inglis Tucker

Cromwell – John Whitney              Haddam – John Halfinger                      Old Saybrook – Open

Deep River – Ron Larsen                  Killingworth – Walter Adametz          Portland – Alan Fenrow

Durham – Warren Herzig                Lyme – Bill Farrell                                    Westbrook – Bonnie Hall

East Haddam – Jess Stone                Middlefield – Margret Schaulis

Remember, the Regional Agriculture Council meets on the third Thursday of the month. Please include your email and we can send you more information in the future.

* 16. Contact Info

This project is funded by Lower CT River Valley COG’s, Connecticut Resource Conservation and Development Area and Connecticut Department of Agriculture.