Teacher Self-Care (Old)

1.Which of the following statements best reflects how you currently feel about the role self-care plays in your everyday life?(Required.)
2.If you practice self-care, how often do you practice it? What activities do you do to practice self-care? Which tools/resources do you use?(Required.)
3.If you practice little or no self-care, what is the main barrier preventing you from practicing self-care on a regular basis?(Required.)
4.Which product or service would you be interested in to enhance your self-care?(Required.)
5.Which characteristic would you value the most in a self-care product/service?(Required.)
6.Please select the wellness area(s) you are most interested in addressing as part of your own self-care journey:(Required.)
7.What is your preferred way to learn about new wellness products or services?(Required.)
8.Any other thoughts? Please add any comment not included in the questions above that can help us better serve your self-care and well-being needs!