1. Introduction

Dear Reader,

We sincerely hope you are enjoying our December 2008/January 2009 issue of Beadwork. In this issue we debut a fresh new design, more helpful tips, new departments, and what we hope you agree are some of the most fabulous projects from our tried-and-true (and some first-time) contributors. Most importantly, we want to hear from YOU!

Our goal is to always offer more of what you want, so now we ask for about five to ten minutes of your time to complete the following survey. Please thumb through your magazine while you answer the questions, be honest, envision your dream beading magazine, and tell us where we have succeeded or slipped.

We value your feedback and thank you for your time—time we understand you could have otherwise spent beading.The survey will remain active until January 8th. We welcome all additional comments; please email them to beadwork@interweave.com.

Note: Your feedback will always remain anonymous and confidential.

* 1. Beadwork's December 2008/January 2009 issue is:

* 2. I purchased (or am happy I subscribed to) this magazine because of this issue’s (check all that apply):

* 3. The projects in this issue are:

* 5. From question #4 please list your favorite and least favorite projects and tell us why.

* 6. When I see a project in the magazine I like, I:

* 7. I am most interested in projects that use the following stitches/techniques (choose your 3 favorite):

* 8. Which feature do you enjoy the most?

* 9. My favorite departments are (choose up to 3)

* 10. Which department do you least enjoy?

* 11. I find the additional project tips:

* 12. I'd love to see more designs by (choose up to 3):

* 13. I would like to see more of the following projects:

* 14. Overall I think the redesign of Beadwork is:

* 15. If I could change one thing about Beadwork it would be:

* 16. Do you subscribe to Beadwork?

* 17. If you posed any questions in the comment fields of this survey and would like to be contacted, please provide us with your name and email address. Remember that we will never share the information you provide here.

* 18. Would you like to be more involved in helping us determine what our readers want? If so, please join Beadwork's Reader Advisory Panel by providing your name and email address below, and we will send you frequent surveys and questions.