Broadband is a fast, reliable connection to the Internet that has the potential to increase opportunities for individuals and businesses. In addition to allowing people to access enormous amounts of useful information, broadband could: Improve public safety, allow people to stay in their homes at later ages with support from telemedicine, help businesses reach customers who are far from the business location, enable people to study from their homes and provide necessary occupational and personal connections for those who would love to stay in (or return to) Spring Hill.

This survey is one of the first steps in evaluating our broadband status. We appreciate your time in completing the survey. If you have questions or would prefer a paper copy, please contact the City of Spring Hill at (913) 592-3664.

* 1. Please provide the physical street address of your business. (Your information will be used solely to help determine Internet availability in Spring Hill.)

* 2. What type of business are you engaged in?

* 3. How many people are employed locally by your business?

* 4. Does your business currently subscribe to Internet services?

* 5. What type of Internet service do you subscribe to at your business?

* 6. Who provides your Internet connection?

* 7. How much does your business pay each month for Internet service?

* 8. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is the Internet for your business? Please answer in terms of functionality, availability and responsive times.

* 9. To what degree do Internet problems (including speed, connectivity and reliability issues) disrupt your business?

* 10. Is your current Internet provider fulfilling all your business needs?

* 11. To what degree does your current level of Internet services impact the future growth of your company?

* 12. Please rate your level of satisfaction with your current Internet services. 

  Not satisfied (1) 2 3 4 Completely satisfied (5)
Customer service

* 13. Do you view high-speed Internet access as an essential service, like water or electric utility service is today?

* 14. How important is it for your business to have a choice of more than one Internet service provider?

* 15. Rank the following factors in order of importance when selecting an Internet provider.

  Least important (1) 2 3 4 Most important (5)
Customer support
Service level options (e.g. speed, bandwidth, products)

* 16. Would you consider switching your broadband service if another became available in the future?

* 17. Please share any additional comments regarding your Internet service that you feel is relevant.