* 1. Do you share personal data and content online?

* 2. What kind of content do you share online?

* 3. Are you increasingly careful about what you share online (compared to before)?

* 4. Do you read the Terms and conditions when registering on a website?

* 5. If you had the possibility to pay 5€ every month for having all your data fully protected, would you pay?

* 6. Did you know Facebook keeps everything you do on their website in a single archive file?

* 7. Do you use alternatives to GAFAM (e.g. browsers, softwares, emails…)?

* 8. Have you ever been hacked?

* 9. Do you protect your PC and devices?

* 10. Have you ever warned someone about their excessive time online?

* 11. Do you care about health implications of using internet and digital devices?

* 12. Do you generally use Internet when you are meeting with someone?

* 13. Do you participate in politics-dedicated online platforms?

* 14. Have you heard about the new EU regulation on the protection of data?