1. Company Information

Questions about your company and the type of RESIDENTIAL SLOPED roofing products it makes.

* 1. Please tell us about yourself & your company...

* 2. What is your job title?

* 3. What types of roofing products do you manufacture for the residential sloped roofing market?

  Our biggest selling product type Our 2nd biggest seller Our 3rd biggest seller We don't make this
Asphalt Shingle
Metal Roofing
Clay Tile
Concrete Tile
Polymer Roofing

* 4. Please estimate what percentage of your residential products are installed on new construction projects and what percentage are installed on re-roofing projects.

* 5. Does your company sell any residential, sloped products with initial solar reflectance of 0.25 or higher? If so, how long have you been selling them?

* 6. Please estimate the percentage of your company's sales that come from materials with initial solar reflectance of 0.25 or higher...