* 1. How would you describe yourself

* 2. Do you go out of your way to find art exhibitions and events that include art, science & technology?

* 3. Is there a need to position ‘art & science’ as a category or genre within contemporary art practice? Why?

* 4. When describing artists that collaborate with scientists how important are the language and terminology used?

* 5. What do you think are the good ingredients of a productive collaboration between an artist and a scientist?

* 6. Should artists work with scientists to illustrate and disseminate science?

* 7. Should art & science collaborations be focused on the creative process or pre-agreed outcomes?

* 8. How can art & science be more sustainable as a contemporary art practice?

* 9. How do you think the relationship between art & science should develop in the future?

* 10. Have you enjoyed the exhibition exploring art & science collaborations at GV Art? Has it changed or informed your views about art and science collaborations?

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