Project BudBurst Participant Survey

Thank you for taking this 7-minute survey. We want to make Project BudBurst even better and your responses will help inform our strategy for 2018.

* 1. How long have you been a member of the Project BudBurst community?

* 2. How often do you record observations in the website (choose the answer that best describes your participation)?

* 3. Which type of reports do you submit?

* 4. For non-educators, for your personal observations, what would like to be able to do that you currently are unable to do? (educators will have a similar question later)

* 5. Please select what features you use on BudBurst (choose all that apply):

* 6. Would you be interested in working on BudBurst-related, short-term data 'blitzes' around a common research question or issue?

* 7. Are you a K-12 educator using BudBurst in your classroom?