The City of Seattle is searching for a permanent Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation. From filling potholes to paving streets to modifying traffic signals and building out a network of bike lanes and sidewalks to serve all ages and abilities, the next director will lead the agency at a critical time.

The ideal candidate must demonstrate qualities and characteristics that reflect our diverse communities of Seattle.  Our community members have a critical role to play to ensure their voice is heard. Community input will be utilized to target recruitment efforts when evaluating applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. This information will also be used to develop interview questions. 

Please take a moment to complete this survey.  Your responses to all the questions are voluntary. 

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* 1. What professional qualities do you think are most important for the leader of the Seattle Department of Transportation? Please select your three most important qualities from the list below:

* 2. What changes do you hope the leader will bring to the department?

* 3. What other things do you want the review committee to consider?

* 4. What should be the top priority for the leader of the Seattle Department of Transportation?

* 5. What is your race/ethnicity? Select all that apply. (Optional)

* 6. Are you Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Transgender and/or Questioning? (Optional)

* 7. What is the zip code where you work? (Optional)

* 8. What is your gender? Select all that apply. (Optional)

* 9. What is the zip code where you live? (Optional)