Triad Stand Down - September 22, 2017 - Westover Church

Please read all instructions before proceeding:

Any organization that wishes to provide services to homeless Veterans at the 2017 Triad Stand Down must fill out this form and submit by September 13, 2017.

The Opening Ceremony will begin at 8:00am (which we encourage you to attend) and conclude at 9:00 am. We ask that all Service Providers refrain from providing services until the conclusion of the Opening Ceremony at 9:00 am. Providers can set up the day before, Sept. 21st (10am to 4pm), or as early as 8:00 am the day of the event. All providers need to provide services until 3:00 pm.

Each service provider table will be provided two lunch tickets. These tickets will be given to the first agency representative that registers at the event. In addition, to reduce costs, breakfast will no longer be provided to service providers.

While every attempt will be made to accommodate all service providers who wish to participate, the committee will give priority to the following services: employment, housing, healthcare, legal and benefits.

Also, please be aware that we do not allow any service providers to charge fees at the Stand Down, nor do we allow people to push political causes or campaign for political officials.

* 1. Organization Name:

* 2. Organization Contact Information:

* 3. Names of Organization Representatives: (People who will provide services at Stand Down)

* 4. Detailed Description of Services to be provided:

* 5. Number of Tables Requested:

* 6. Number of Chairs Needed:

* 7. Do you need access to an outlet? (There are limited spaces which have access to outlets, therefore it might not be possible to honor all requests.)