Forensic AOD trainings (Registration of Interest)

As part of the implementation of the new Forensic Alcohol and Other Drugs Treatment Service Delivery Model, the Department of Health and Human Services has funded a suite of new training initiatives for the AOD treatment sector. These training initiatives are closely aligned with Victoria’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce Strategy 2018-2022. 
The training modules are intended to be completed in sequence, and earlier trainings are prerequisites for later trainings.
This form can be used to register your interest for the following training courses:

Forensic Fundamentals (Caraniche - half day)
Prerequisites: Open to all following completion of Forensic Foundations.
Forensic Fundamentals is a half-day face-to-face forensic clinical training designed to provide Victorian Alcohol and other Drug Workers with information and clinical skills for working with forensic clients.

Advanced AOD Forensics (Caraniche - one day)
Prerequisites: Completion of Forensic Foundations and Forensic Fundamentals and minimum 2 years’ experience with forensic clients.
Advanced AOD Forensics is one-day face-to-face clinical training designed for experienced drug and alcohol clinicians working with forensic clients. The training is delivered by experienced forensic psychologists and provides knowledge and skills for working with the most complex forensic clients in AOD settings. This training course contains a number of selection criteria that will be assessed to determine eligibility for the course.

Refresher Advanced AOD Forensics (Caraniche)
Prerequisites: Completion of Forensic Foundations, Forensic Fundamentals, Advanced AOD Forensic and minimum 2 years’ experience with forensic clients.
Refresher Advanced AOD Forensics is a 3-hour specialist refresher of the Advanced AOD Forensics training designed for experienced drug and alcohol clinicians working with forensic clients that have previously completed the Advanced AOD Forensics training.

Youth Forensic AOD Training (Caraniche – 2-day)
Prerequisites: attendees must be working with Youth, ACSO-funded clients in a frontline role (NOT supervisory or managerial).
 This is a free training module designed specifically for clinicians and frontline workers seeing ACSO-funded youth clients (NOT supervisory or managerial). The training is designed to provide advanced skills and knowledge for working with young people engaged in the justice system. 

Any further enquiries regarding Forensic Fundamentals, Advanced AOD Forensics or Youth Forensic AOD Training can be emailed to