Thank you for organizing a group through PowerHouse: Montana - we're so glad you're here!

The Women's Foundation of Montana is very happy to announce - through our PowerHouse Montana initiative, that we are taking active steps to improve our #MentorMondayMT program across the state!

This 'in-person manifestation' of PowerHouse Montana, will soon be replaced by monthly meetings, determined by location of group - i.e. PowerHouse: Bozeman, PowerHouse: Helena; however, these meetings will continue to be organized, and ran by local Montana women, who value mentorship and the sharing of resources and ideas in their communities. While meet-ups can take various forms, all groups should consistently include an informal presentation, access to appetizers/food, as well as intermingling, or concluding with, networking time.

We are excited to have you as part of the PowerHouse Montana movement - we are dedicated to providing you with a quality experience. Our hope is that you, as well as your peers, are able to benefit from organizing a PowerHouse event by building valuable connections in your community.

Thank you for being instrumental in providing these resources and connections in your community! We look forward to working together.

PowerHouse Montana Commits to:
Providing adequate information and training so you may meet the expectations as described in the following organizer guidelines.
Supporting and providing encouragement to help you achieve the desired results.
Using our resources to help draw people to your event and achieve desired results.
Be available to you at any time during Women's Foundation of Montana business hours.

Questions? Email Maggie Sullivan, Program Assistant for The Women's Foundation of Montana at for more info!

*Our organizer guidelines have changed--please read and check each box. Thank you again for supporting Montana's women and girls!

* 1. PowerHouse: Montana Group Organizer Commits to:

* 2. Name, and Date of Individual who Completes Form (Required) - as well as, Location/PowerHouse Group (Optional).