1. Player Evaluation

50% of survey complete.

The questions on this page are meant to be answered by the players on the teams in the Annandale/Maple Lake Community Education Traveling Basketball leagues

* 1. What would make the Traveling Basketball program better?

* 2. What did you like about the Traveling Basketball program? Why?

* 3. Please let us know if you liked or disliked the following:
If you have a comment please let us know in the comment box at the end of this question.

  Strongly disliked Disliked Neutral Liked Strongly Liked
Practice and game schedule?
The length of the season?
Did the coach communicate well with the team or was it hard to understand what they wanted you to do?

* 4. How was the behavior of the players and coaches on your team?

* 5. Did the coaches and players on your team represent the community in a respectful manner?

* 6. Is there any thing you would like Community Education to know? Comments, concerns, suggestions:

* 7. Would you play in the Traveling Basketball program again?

* 8. If you are a 6th grader, would you continue to play Basketball in 7th grade?

* 9. Are there any other programs or activities that you would like Community Education to offer? Please list some examples.