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Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is of the utmost importance to this study.
The first section of this survey will explain the term 'ecosystem services' and give a brief description of the areas of interest. This section will take 4-6 minutes to read.
The second section will ask you questions related to these areas. This section will take 1-3 minutes to complete.
The final two sections are the most important part of the survey and will gather your opinions on the importance and potential of specific ecosystem services. This section will take 11-13 minutes to complete.
By pressing next, you agree to voluntarily take part in this survey and understand that your answers are completely anonymous. No personal or identifiable information will be collected about you. You have the right to ask for your answers to be removed from the survey, in this case, we will use the time of submission and ask for any written question you may have submitted to identify your answers. If you would like to request this a removal or have any other queries or questions regarding the survey, please find my contact information at the end. 
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