The Very Best In Virgin Islands Track and Field...

The Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation (VITFF) was founded in 1963.  It is one of the founding members of the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee...
For over 55 years track and field has been a popular sport in the Territory for boys and girls, men and women and has produced generations of productive citizens..
In conjunction with its 55th Anniversary, The Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation recognizes the inauguration of The Virgin Islands Track and Field Hall of Fame.
The goal of the V.I. Track and Field Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor Athletes, Coaches and Others who have participated the disciplines of track and field including: Track and Field, Cross-Country, Road Running, Race Walking, Ultra Running, Mountain Running and Trail Running and made significant contributions to our great sport...

What it takes to be nominated for selected and inducted into The Virgin Islands Track and Field Hall of Fame:
  • Athlete
To be nominated as an athlete one must have achieved one or more of the following:
World record holder
Virgin Islands record holder
World champion
Olympic champion
Medal Winner: Olympics, IAAF World Championships Series, Pan American Games, Central America and Caribbean Games, NACAC, CAC, CARIFTA, World, Virgin Islands  leader in event(s) for one or more years;
Winner of one or more V.I. national open championships; and/or
Other outstanding accomplishments at a national open or international open level

  • Coach
To be nominated, a coach must have been retired for at least one year from active full-time coaching, except where the nominated person has coached for twenty (20) years or more, and must fall into the following criteria

Having compiled an outstanding record of coaching champions at the level coached (e.g. national open, national collegiate, high school, etc.); 

Having compiled an extraordinary winning record or have achieved other outstanding accomplishments;

  • Contributor
In order to be nominated as a Contributor, the nominee must have served the Virgin Islands track and field community with special distinction and worked within the athletics community in its best interests in an outstanding manner for at least twenty (20) years. Contributors may also be nominated for having achieved other outstanding accomplishments

Annual Registration

To be eligible, nominated and selected for membership, athlete, coach, contributor are required to complete the annual VITFF registration and be in good standing.

To register with The Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation, logon to: 
A nominee is required to have a sponsor who is identified in the nominating process...

The Virgin Islands Track and field Hall of Fame is sanctioned by the Virgin Islands Track and Field is founded and managed by Ronald Russell OLY, President and Wallace Williams OLY, General Secretary of The Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation...

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