Greetings, Pacific community members and friends!

Please join Pacific's Bias Response Team (BRT) and the Multicultural Center (The MC) for...

“VISIONS Inc. Social Justice Training”

PURPOSE: VISIONS Inc. Social Justice Training is a day-long program that is best suited for Pacific community members, especially campus leaders, who want to examine power, privilege, & oppression and want to adapt practices that foster inclusion in classroom, work, & other intercultural settings. This training is also suited for those want to familiarize themselves with the VISIONS Inc. social justice training model.

Training opportunities are FREE and restricted from 12 minimum to 24 maximum participants each training, therefore, on-line registration is required (Respond to prompts below).


 As a result of VISIONS Inc. Social Justice Training, participants will:

  • Practice group dialogue guidelines;
  • Share of themselves through Name Stories and personal reflection;
  • Apply the multicultural process of change on cognitive, behavioral, and affective dimensions;
  • Recognize feelings as messengers;
  • Explore oppression and articulate one’s social location as members of target and non-target groups;
  • Describe the impact of bias incidents on the Pacific Community;
  • Discuss ways to disrupt oppression and thrive in a diverse community.

SPECIAL NOTE: A continental breakfast will be provided @ 8:30am. Unless otherwise advertised, lunch is generally not provided. Please consider bringing your own lunch or enjoy a meal at a Bon Appetit on-campus dining venue.

We look forward to your attendance at this and other Multicultural Center trainings and events.

If you have any inquiries and/or need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact the Multicultural Center at 209.946.7707 (ofc), 209.946.7711 (fax), or e-mail Serjio Acevedo.


* 3. Please provide the following personal and contact information.

* 4. Briefly describe 2 or 3 of your primary job responsibilities:

* 5. Have you participated in a social justice training in the past?

* 6. If you chose "No" was it because...(Please choose all that apply)

* 7. In 3 to 5 sentences, please describe your interest in VISIONS Inc. Social Justice Training.

* 8. The demographic information below will help us to tailor the training to this specific group. You are free to share as much or as little information as you like. This questionnaire will only be shared with the group facilitators. You will choose what information to share with the whole group as we go through the training.

* 9. The following statements reflect the LEARNING OUTCOMES of the VISIONS Inc. Social Justice Training.

To what extent are you comfortable or familiar with each statement:

  Very comfortable or familiar Comfortable or familiar Uncomfortable or unfamiliar Very uncomfortable or unfamiliar
Sharing personal stories about my background and experiences.
Practicing discussion guidelines that facilitate group dialogue and learning.
Understanding theories and models about the multicultural process of change.
Recognizing my feelings and knowing why I feel the way I do.
Understanding oppression and how it impacts myself and others.
Understanding the impact of bias incidents on campus climate in higher education.
Challenging oppression whenever it happens.

Thank you for answering the registration questions!

A group facilitator will be in touch with you at least TWO business days prior to the training date. Please direct any inquires to the Multicultural Center at 209.946.7708 or

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