1. SRG Registration Survey

Questions or concerns -- email Kate Thomas at thomkate@gmail.com or call her at (301) 714-2194. This is a new direct number for Kate.

(***NOTE*** There will be a Classical Music Rising meeting following the regular SRG Retreat. Please indicate if you will be attending both. If you have any questions about dates/times of meetings, please be in touch***)

SRG's 2017 Planning Retreat will be held in Lincolnville, Maine at the Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center.  This is the same location where we held our 2014 Retreat.

Our meeting begins Monday, August 7th at 4:00pm and concludes Wednesday, August 9th at 11:00am.  The Classical Music Rising sessions will begin on Wednesday afternoon following the conclusion of the regular retreat and will end on Thursday, August 10th at noon.

Point Lookout is located at 67 Atlantic Highway, Lincolnville, ME. Point Lookout is a 2 hour drive from the Portland International Jetport or a 1 hour and 10 minute drive from Bangor International Airport. Portland is serviced by Delta, Jet Blue, SW Airlines, United, and US Airways. Bangor Airport is serviced by US Airways, Delta, and Allegiant.

All hotel arrangements are made through SRG (please do not contact Point Lookout for reservations). Complete this registration form -- we'll get back to you if any information is missing. SRG also makes arrangements for early arrivals or late departures. We will provide you with confirmation and make changes as your schedule requires. You pay for your room upon departure. We will try to confirm your reservation by email within three days of you having completed the survey.

Point Lookout is a beautiful site, but it's a good idea to make travel plans in advance. Both airports have rental car business and there is also a shuttle service available that Point Lookout has worked with for several years. To assure a seamless transport, we ask that when you book your airline ticket, you send us your flight information (arrival and departure). This way, we can help our attendees make car-sharing or shuttle sharing arrangements. In addition, we will be in prime vacation territory and roads are occasionally congested. Allow ample time for coming and going to the airport.

Other than room charges and costs associated with traveling to and from the site, SRG covers meeting costs -- there is no registration fee to attend.

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