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Do you find the new booklet helpful?
Do you find the new programme extensive enough, with a good variety of sports?
Do you think we have enough non- sport oriented activities?
Do you believe the programme is value for money?

* 2. Please click the sports your child enjoyed, and did not enjoy.

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ICC Cricket Academy
Spanish Soccer School
Kids Theatre Works
Diverse- Gymnastics,Street Jazz, Musical Theatre
Cool Science 
Turning Pointe - Pre Primary Ballet, Prep Ballet
Premier Genie - Robotics
M&S Sports - Born to Swim, Learn to Swim, Development Swim Programme
Stryxgulf - Taekwondo, Judo
Los Atletas Sports - Mini Tennis
Butch Harmond - Golf

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* 4. Please advise language you would like to see on our programme.

* 5. What are the reasons for your child not participating in the afterschool paid activities?

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