* 1. Is this your first New Albany Symphony Orchestra performance?

* 2. Are you a member of the hearing-impaired community?

* 3. If you have a hearing impairment, did the sign language interpreter add to your enjoyment of this performance?

* 4. Did the photo display during Holst's Planets enhance your enjoyment of this performance?

* 5. Did the laser light display during Short Ride on a Fast Machine enhance your enjoyment of this performance?

* 6. If you used a balloon to experience the vibrations from the music, was this helpful to you?

* 7. Considering the accommodations that were added to today's performance, if they were made again would you consider attending future New Albany Symphony Orchestra concerts?

* 8. Please rate your reasons for attending today's performance.

  The main reason(s) why I came Influenced my decision to attend Neither influenced me nor dissuaded me. Did not influence me at all
I wanted to attend a performance for the hearing impaired.
I wanted to hear Jon Kimura Parker perform.
I wanted to hear Holst's Planets.
I wanted to experience a multi-media performance.
I came to support a musician onstage.

* 9. How did you hear about today's concert? Please mark all that apply.

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