Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey about the draft Stadium District Study recommendations. In early 2014 the City council will consider whether to make policy changes to the Comprehensive Plan based on our recommendations and your feedback. Our intention is to build a new Stadium District neighborhood focusing on sports, entertainment, hotels, businesses and offices – even industrial workplaces. Based on our recommendations, new additions to the area could include open space, and some new housing in a few key places. We also recommend improving mobility for all modes of transportation in and through the district.

* 1. Should the City of Seattle plan for a stadium district that features sports and entertainment and related businesses and activities?

* 2. What types of buildings and land uses should be near the stadiums? ie. Industrial, housing, bars & restaurants, offices, shops…

* 3. Do you think the area near the stadiums should become more of a neighborhood, with more businesses, activities and residents nearby?

* 4. How would you improve the area near Seattle’s stadiums?

* 5. What route do you take to an event in the stadium district?

* 6. How do you spend time before and after events in the stadium district?

* 7. Please tell us if you: