During the design process, we attempted to create a very broad based survey in order to solicit as many of the industries and service providers within Caldwell County as possible. We are aware that neither the survey, nor the survey results, will be fully comprehensive of the rich diversity and amazing businesses we have within our community. Our goal is to produce a summarized report that is reflective of current compensation and benefit trends throughout Caldwell County.

This survey may take 1-2 hours to complete and will cover a wide array of compensation and benefit policies. This survey should be completed by the person who manages the organization's compensation levels or talent recruitment efforts.

All survey participants must answer the first 48 questions. The survey is then divided into individual industry sectors (i.e. Manufacturing, Warehouse/Distribution/logistics, Sales and Customer Service, etc.). Please select the industry sector that best matches your business' current operational function and answer an additional six (6) questions.

Your progress will be saved after the completion of each page should you need to complete the survey over the course of several days.

We are anticipating the production a summary report by mid-May. This report will only be provided to those organizations that complete the entire survey. The report will not include individual organizational data, nor will your submission be provided to or shared with other organizations. Individual wage and benefit information will remain confidential.

Thank you for your participation.