Have you ever been to a writing retreat, or weekend workshop in a distant town or city?

RWA is preparing a Retreat Program and we’d like to know of your interest, desires and requirements, so would appreciate your input for our decision-making and initial planning.

Would you be interested in attending retreats organised for RWA members? If so, please respond with as much detail as possible to the following questions:

* 1. What region do you live in?

* 2. Please list your nearest regional centre and state how far from there you would be prepared to travel.

* 3. How long would you like a retreat to run?

* 4. What type of accommodation would you prefer to stay in?

* 5. Regarding group sizes, what would be your preference?

* 6. With regards to catering, would you prefer to:

* 7. And regarding content for your experience: Do you prefer...

* 8. Can you make any suggestions for unsupervised group activities to run among yourselves?

* 9. How much are you willing to pay? (Daily rate)

Or perhaps you’d like to get your own group together and have us liaise for you?

Please feel free to expand on this survey with any ideas or suggestions for our consideration, and email your response to: retreatinfo@romanceaustralia.com

With thanks,

Jay Hicks – Retreat Host and Attendees Liaison Officer,

Romance Writers of Australia.