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The Paris Climate Agreement represents the best road forward in creating a world where a strong economy and a strong environment can thrive. President Trump's recent actions to remove the United States from this agreement is bad for business, a disaster for the environment, and damages the country's standing across the globe. With the absence of leadership from Washington, D.C., states and cities must take the lead.

Here in Vermont, we feel the impact of climate change with every season: Empty ski areas during snowless winters, a shorter maple sugaring season, and communities torn apart by floods. We cannot wait for leadership in Washington, D.C. to take serious the threat of climate change and need to take action now to ensure that future generations have a healthy planet to live on.

Vermont has set a goal of getting 90% of energy needs from green energy by 2050. This goal is achievable and will help the state build a 21st Century economy that grows good-paying jobs and protects our planet. We support the state moving forward as a leader in creating green jobs through energy efficiency and green energy.

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