Description of award categories

Volunteer of the Year
Recognizes a member of the VA Horse Council or any established VA horse group who has devoted more than 10 hours of service to further the mission of the VHC and/or advance the overall VA horse industry.

Horseman/Horsewoman of the Year
Recognizes a member of the VA horse community who has been seriously involved with the industry for more than 5 years and who has made a significant contribution to improve and develop the industry in  the Commonwealth in tangent with the goals of the VHC.

Lifetime Service Award
Recognizes, as the title implies, more than 20 years of service to the VA horse industry. This can be as a member of the VHC, or any established horse group, and who has demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to advancing the industry and ensuring its on-going sustainability in tangent with the goals of the VHC.

Legislator of the Year
Recognizes a legislator on the state or national level who has championed legislation or who has worked to promote the VA horse industry. Or, who has taken a public stand against legislation that could be detrimental to the industry and who has worked cooperatively with the VHC in these efforts.

Industry Support (business or company)
Recognizes any business, group, or organization that consistently works to support the VA horse industry as well as the VHC and its mission. Also recognizes those companies that actively work to foster the growth of the industry in the Commonwealth.

Industry Service (individual contribution) 
Recognizes an individual who consistently works to support the VA horse industry as well as the VHC and its mission and who also works to foster the growth of the industry in the Commonwealth.

Virginia Equine Group
Recognizes an established breed, discipline, or riding organization that has achieved major growth or accomplishments to benefit the entire VA horse industry. These can include: breed recognition, growth in membership, or the conducting of a significant industry event.

Veterinarian of the Year
Recognizes an equine veterinarian in VA who has consistently striven to attain the betterment of the industry and who has provided “above the norm” dependable service to his/her clients. Can be in the fields of research, academe, or active practice.

Trails Development
Recognizes an individual, group, or government entity that advances the development, use, and protection of trails for riding and supports the goals and mission of the VHC.

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(Write 8-10 sentences explaining why this individual/group/company should receive this award & how they are contributing to the VA horse industry. )

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* 8. Provide details on the equine background of this nominee.
(e.g., years involved with horses—in what capacity—educator, trainer, breeder, youth leader, business owner, etc.). 

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* 9. Is this nominee a member of the Virginia Horse Council?

Thank you for making this nomination. 
Awards are presented during the annual meeting of the Virginia Horse Council.  Please contact the Virginia Horse Council office at 888-HORSEVA (888-467-7382) or, if you have any questions.  If you would like to submit additional document about this nominee it may be emailed to the office.