1. Macarthur Parents

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To engage with the parents of Macarthur to inform and raise awareness of career opportunities and pathways. To inform parents of what is happening in the local community.

* 1. Please tick the answer that best suits you.

Do you have children attending school?
Are they in Primary school?
Are they in High School?
Would you like to access help and information that may assist your child to achieve their personal best?
Would you be interested in attending workshops to help your child or others to make good career choices?
Are you actively involved with your child’s school?

* 2. Please rate the following topics, in order of what you would most like to know more about involving your child’s schooling.

  Very Important Important Average Slightly Important Not Important
Leaving year 6 and going to year 7
Career choices
Re-engaging your kids in education
Leaving school and finding work/study options

* 3. Are you interested in finding out more about....

* 4. As a parent in the Macarthur Region, would you ever attend any of the following events to gain information for your child.

* 5. If you were to attend any of these events, workshops, seminars, what times would suit you best?

* 6. If you were to attend any of these events, workshops, seminars which day would suit you best?