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FRPath® 2024 Annual Reliance ROI Survey

The annual perception survey of the return on investment of the use of regulatory reliance pathways
Regulatory reliance pathways for marketing authorizations are playing a growing, important role in facilitating access to important medicines. Perceptions of their value and return on investment of time and effort (for both the agency and the sponsor) can vary. And identifying the drivers of their success remains a topic of study.

Please help the FRPath® project (a project of the non-profit Erudee Foundation learn more about how to optimize these pathways by participating in this simple anonymous 2-question poll. The more responses the better!  Results will be posted periodically on LinkedIn and's website.

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* 1. Which of the following do you believe are the three most important drivers of the successful use of reliance pathways by a regulatory agency (select three):

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* 2. What is your perceived overall return on investment (ROI) for the use of reliance pathways for marketing authorizations? If you have had experience with these, base your rating on that. If you have no experience, base your rating on your perceived expectation of the ROI of using reliance pathways. My perception rating of the ROI is [where 1= poor, 4= excellent]:

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* 3. For categorization purposes only. Your primary affiliation:

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* 4. Thank you for your response! We'd love to stay in touch by providing information about advances in the field of FRPs, upcoming FRPath webinars and updates in the FRPath database through our periodic FRPanorama e-Newsletter. By providing your contact information you agree to receive periodic updates from FRPath.

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