Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback about the show/s you listened to.  We are excited to learn from you to make the show the best it can be.  

* 1. Please make a list below (by letter) of the shows you listened to:
a. Wabanaki History in Maine (Maria Girouard and Esther Attean)
b. Breaking the Silence (Maria Girouard, Esther Attean and Stephanie Bailey)
c. The Work of Healing (Esther Attean and Stephanie Bailey)
d. A Story of Being Out-Adopted (Sandy White Hawk Part 1)
e. Inter-Generational Trauma (Sandy White Hawk Part 2)
f.  Disrupting the Vicious Cycle (Sandy White Hawk Part 3)
g. Child Welfare Services and Native Families (Shawn Yardley)
h. The Wabanaki Tribes and The Maine Government (Donna Loring)
i.  The View from the Shore Part 1 (gkisedtanamoogk)
j.  The View from the Shore Part 2 (gkisedtanamoogk)
k. Adoption and Identity (George)
l.  Sovereignty (Jamie Bissonette-Lewey)
m. The Education of a Child Welfare Worker (Penthea Burns)
n. Non-Native Allies (Portland-based ally group)

* 2. Are you (check all that apply):

* 3. Did the series (check all that apply)

* 4. The show made me want to learn more about Native history and current issues.

* 5. After listening, I have an increased awareness that support for native peoples is a serious matter.