1. F-Keys - Microsoft Word Skill Questionaire

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Use the following form to gauge your skill/knowledge level. For each skill listed rate your familiarity and knowledge based on the column headings. This is NOT a test it will however assist and provide F-Keys with an understanding of your training needs for the Microsoft Word application.

Please note that some items may not be included in all Microsoft Versions

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  No Knowledge Little Average Know & Understand Fully Conversant N/A or Never Used
Create, Save, and Print a Document
Enter Text
Preview a Document
Use the Help Function
Navigate a Document
Use AutoCorrect
Edit a Document
Use Undo and Redo
Select Text
Move and Copy Text
Find and Replace text
Format Characters
Format Paragraphs
Use Tabs (Decimal, Left, Right, Center and Bar)
Create and Manage Tables
Create Headers and Footers
Work with Margins
Work with Page Breaks
Check Spelling and Grammar
Use the Thesaurus
Create Sections and Format them as Multiple Columns
Edit and Delete Sections and Columns
Enhance the Appearance of a Table (Borders/Shading)
Use Table AutoFormat to Format a Table
Import Data from Excel into a Word Table
Perform Calculations on Table Data using Formulae
Create, Modify, Delete and Apply Styles to Text
Create and Insert AutoText in Documents
Create Headers & Footers for First, Odd & Even pages
Insert Page Numbers in Headers & Footers
Insert Graphics, Files, WordArt, Symbols and Watermarks
Draw Objects in a Document using the Drawing Tools
Create and Save a New Document Template
Use a Template to Create a New Document
Use Advanced Printing Options
Print Labels & Envelopes
Use Mail Merge to Create Form Letters, Labels & Envelopes
Use Different Data Source Files to Sort and Query Data
Merge Addresses into Mailing Label Documents
Create Forms to Gather and Provide Information
Use Form Fields in a Form to Enter Data
Modify Forms by Deleting, Editing and Changing Fields
Protect and Use Forms
Create a Master Document and Table of Contents
Add, Edit and Delete Endnotes & Footnotes
Create and Generate an Index
Work with Bookmarks and Cross-References
Track Changes while Editing
Create, Save and Delete Comments and Highlights
Record and Run Macros to Automate Tasks
Modify and Delete Macros
Create and Delete a Custom Menu
Create and Delete a Custom Toolbar
Save file as PDF or XML Document
Use SmartArt
Use Building Blocks & Quick Parts
Customise-Manage the Quick Access Toolbar
Use/Apply Digital Signatures
Use Compatibility Checker
Use Document Inspector
Use Compare and Combine Document Functions
Create & Apply Citation Sources
Create & Apply Bibliography Sources
Create & Use Table of Figures
Document Borders & Backgrounds
Equations & Symbols
Cover Pages
Compressing Pictures
Creating & Linking Text Boxes
Using Styles to Create a Document Map

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* 4. It would assist us if you could possible provide a short description of your job role within the company and the sort of documents you produce or deal with on a daily basis?