GOAL #1: All students will meet/exceed expectations in English Language Arts, Math, Science, History

ACTIONS for English Language Arts & Mathematics

* 1. 100% of students (grades 3-8) including all student subgroups will be given
the statewide assessment (CAASPP) in ELA& Mathematics and will show
progress toward proficiency. INCLUDING Special Ed students who will show progress toward meeting their
IEP goals

* 2. Instructional Aides in all classrooms will support instruction and student

* 3. Teachers will implement best teaching practices such as Gradual Release
of Responsibility and Zone of Proximal Development to support student

* 4. Reading levels for every student K-8 will be determined in order to
receive appropriate interventions.

* 5. A Reading Specialist will model and support guided reading lessons in
order that teachers will be able to support higher levels of students’ reading

* 6. Testing strategies will be included in classroom instruction in preparation

* 7. All academic content areas will be available to all students, including
student subgroups, at all grade levels.