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At Friday Flyer the philosophy of “supporting our local community and local businesses” has provided strong foundations that has seen us achieve remarkable growth and success in our seven years of operation. Why? We have a publication that is eagerly anticipated and read. We only publish good news with fun, entertaining, informative and helpful information. The best read you’ll have over a cup of coffee any day. We are not a multi-national corporation, we are a small but growing local family owned business. We come from the same place as our readers and advertisers and therefore we care.
We want you to have your say about what we do and what we should do in the future.
This is your community publication and your voice is important to us.
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* 1. Do you read the Friday Flyer every week?

* 2. Are you male or female?

* 3. What is your age group?

* 4. Do other members of your household read the Friday Flyer? 

* 5. Have you ever used any services/products of our advertisers?

* 6. Do you use Social Media?

* 7. If yes, what Social media do you use?

* 8. Do you follow our Friday Flyer Facebook page?

* 9. Have you entered a Friday Flyer competition?

* 10. What would you like us to post on our Facebook page?

* 11. Have you been to our website?

* 12. Have you ever advertised a personal household item in our classified section?

* 13. If yes, did you sell the item through Friday Flyer?

* 14. Please rate our Weekly Sections - 5 being you love it!

  1. Don't Like 2. 3.  4. 5. Love it!
Local Community News
TV Guide
Interesting Facts
'Just Jo' Column
Health and Beauty News
What's On News

* 15. Would you like a larger paper size?

* 16. How many pages in total would you like?

* 17. What following section/s would you like to see added to the Friday Flyer? 

  yes no Maybe
Gig Guide
Restaurant Guide and Reviews
Bloke's Page
Pets and Animals
Schools and Education
Real Estate and Property
Personal Development
Financial Advice and Help
Business News and Advice

* 18. What do think about the size of the font? 

* 19. Can you think of any other section/s you would like to see included?
(not mentioned above)

* 20. Would you like to see more of our special edition issues with 4 extra pages focusing on a particular category?

* 21. If you answered yes, which category/s would you like to focus on?

* 22. What are we doing well?

* 23. What could we do better?

* 24. Any other suggestions?

* 25. Thank you for completing our survey.
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