1. East Texas Reception Post Event Survey

The East Texas Council of Governments hosted the second bi-annual East Texas Reception in Austin on February 19, 2013, at The Mansion at Judges Hill. The event vision was to honor the work of our legislators while in session and give East Texas leaders the opportunity to discuss important issues to East Texans. We thank you for participating and/or attending and hope you enjoyed the event. Please fill out the survey below to allow us to improve upon the event in 2015.

* 1. With the support of our elected officials, ETCOG will continue the East Texas Reception as a bi-annual event. Provide your feedback by checking all that apply.

* 2. Please rate the following elements of the East Texas Reception.

  Poor Neutral Good Exceptional
Networking Opportunities
Meeting Space
Meeting Time
Event Program
Hotel Accomodations
Food & Beverages
Event Pricing

* 3. Both the 2011 and 2013 East Texas Reception events have been held as a luncheon. The first had approximately 125 attendees and the 2013 event grew to 200. In order to ensure that our State Legislators can more easily attend the event, we may move the event to an evening time slot. Please give feedback regarding potential changes to the event time.

* 4. In addition to the East Texas Reception, there are several other legislative events hosted by regional partners in Austin during the legislative session. Please indicate your participation level in other legislative events and your preferences. Check all that apply.

* 5. Please comment on what you liked about the East Texas Reception and what we could improve upon.