Thank you for opening this short DSM survey!

Please take a couple of minutes to answer our 10 questions about your experience with DSM and how you would like the DSMISIG help you in using DSM.

You can select more than one answer per question and we are especially interested in your comments.

* 1. How big is the organisation you are working in?

* 2. What industry or business sector are you working for?

* 3. What is your experience level with working with the DSM methodology in terms of how frequently you use it?

* 4. What do you use DSM for?

* 5. What tools do you use to do a DSM?

* 6. For what types of application to you use DSM?

* 7. How large are your projects and DSMs typically?

* 8. What barriers do you see that hinder you to use DSM in your work?

* 9. How do you use DSM (if you use it)?

* 10. What would you like the DSMiSIG do so you would get benefits from being a member?