Beaver County is inviting public input on the following policies/programs:

Level of Service Overland Drainage
Pest Control Level of Service
Road Maintenance Level of Service
Road Rehabilitation Priorities
Impact of the Matter on Municipal Stakeholders

Municipal infrastructure, and the protection of this asset, is extremely important as a large portion of the municipal budget is dedicated to this program area. Decisions made in regards to these levels of service can have a major impact on the amount of tax levy that is required in each fiscal year.

There is also a potential for activities, involving water, to impact not only municipal infrastructure but also private property and agricultural production.  Factors such as beaver control and maintenance of licensed/unlicensed drainages have also caused concerns for stakeholders.  As with road maintenance, decisions around water have been an area of increasing public concern.

Following the County's Public Participation Policy, Council recognizes that good governance includes engaging County residents and municipal stakeholders and that there is a need for those stakeholders who are affected by a decision, to influence the decision.

The following survey has been prepared to gather public input on specific areas of policy or programs that Council has requested to guide decision making processes.