This survey is meant to get your ideas on how to improve our school. Your input is greatly appreciated!

* 1. Which events did you attend this school year?

* 2. What events would you like to see next year?
(ex. more math nights, a technology night, etc.)

* 3. What time is best for you to attend events?

* 4. What type of communication do you prefer?

* 5. Have you borrowed games or books from our Lending Library?

* 6. If you did borrow games or books from our Lending Library, what did you choose?

* 7. What do you do at home to support your child academically?           
(ex. read with them, play online academic games, help with homework, etc.)

* 8. Do you have internet access at home?

* 9. What type of electronic devices do your children use at home?

* 10. Would you be interested in attending events specifically for adults? If
so what kind of events?   
(ex. parenting classes, book club, GED classes, etc.)