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* 1. If unknown sellers from social media instruct you to click on a specific link to install an application and fill in your personal or bank credentials in order to buy their product at a great price through their application, what would you do?


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* 2. Job recruitment advertisement in social media: Do you want to earn USD5000 and more in just a day? Join us and become our partner today! All you need to do is just to provide us your bank account number, user ID, password, PIN and OTP. Send us your bank details at and start earning money in no time!

How would you react to the above advertisement?          

在社交媒体上的职业招聘广告: 您想在一天里获取高达5000美元或更多的收入吗?今天就加入我们成为我们的伙伴!您只需提供我们您的银行账号、用户名、密码和验证码,将您的银行详细信息发送给www.remittancemaster8899.com并立即开始赚钱!


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* 3. If you receive a message or call from someone claiming that he/she accidentally inputted wrong phone number when registration for online shopping/Ebanking and therefore, the One Time Password (OTP) was wrongly sent to your mobile number.  He needs you to share OTP with him. What would you do?

如果您收到来自陌生人的短信或来电声称他/她在注册网上购物或电子银行的账号时,不小心输入错误电话号码,验证码被错误地发送到您的手机号码。因此, 他需要您提供验证码给他。 你会怎么做?

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* 4. Should you change your banking password periodically?

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* 5. If  you receive a call from someone who claimed to be an officer from government authorities informs that you had registered a company with tax arrears amounting to RM55,000 and you are required to provide your banking credentials (e.g. user name, password, OTP or card PIN) for their further investigation, what would you do?


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