1. What are your thoughts on Market Day 2009?

* 1. In your opinion, how successful was Market Day 2009 as compared to previous years?

  unsuccessful poor satisfactory great the best year ever!
On a scale 1-5, Market Day was

* 2. Publicity for Market Day

  Unsatisfied Neutral Pleased Satisfied Very Satisfied
Were you satisfied with the amount of publicity for Market Day 2009?

* 3. Where did the majority of your new shoppers on Market Day seem to be from?

* 4. Did Market Day bring new shoppers to Mountain Brook Village?

  Unsatisfied Indifferent Pleased Satisfied Very Satisfied
How satisfied were you with the number of new shoppers in your store?

* 5. What can be improved for next year's Market Day?

* 6. If you have any additional comments/thoughts/concerns etc. please let us know here.