The Oregon Department of AviationĀ invites you to complete this survey/questionnaire to assist us with the completion of our Airport Master Plan Update. Your input is invaluable and essential to helping us to continue to meet the needs of our users

* 1. How often do you use Independence State Airport for Business?

* 2. How has the Airport been strategic to your business operations? (select all that apply)

* 3. Do you base an aircraft at Independence State Airport ?

* 4. As it relates to your business operations, approximately how many times have you flown in the past 12 months?

* 5. As it relates to your business operations, what do you expect your flying activity to be in 2018?

* 6. As it relates to yours business operations, approximately how many operations per month do you average at Independence? (one takeoff and one landing = 2 operations)

* 7. What type of aircraft do you currently operate?

* 8. Do you purchase fuel when at Independence State Airport?

* 9. Please rank how much improvement is needed for the following:

  Very Important Fairly Important Important Slightly Important Not Important
Airfield Geometry
Instrument Approach Capabilities
Air Traffic Control Services
FBO Amenities and Services
Fueling Services
Fuel Price
Hangar Availability
Hangar Quality
Hangar/Tie-Down Price
Airport Security
Automobile Parking
Nearby Attractions, Retail and Dining

* 10. What is the number one thing that could be improved at Independence State Airport?